Peter Lindbergh homage

Great Sign of the fashion photography even if we say rightly about him, he’s a fashion photographer who doesn’t photograph the fashion. The fashion seen by Lindbergh is at first an universe dedicated to the woman, the woman settled in the reality of moment, with her qualities and her defects, far from perfectionists pictures generally proposed in this domain.

His photos, often in black and white, play with shadows and strongly contrasted lights. They borrow from the cinema its esthetics and its main references as those of the beginning of German expressionistic film-makers. We find in the Lindbergh’s pictures these atmospheres. Narrative universe where he plays with the traditional archetypes of the woman in photography, “femme fatale” and perfect heroines … On the contrary, his models are free, independent, uninhibited, intense of the truth. He stages them without make-up nor sophistication in often natural decorations. The images are raw (without post production), to deliver their authenticity.

Exceptional photographer and brilliant visionary. His expert’s eye grasps the natural beauty of the women. In the 80s, he’ll be one of the first to photograph the models which will become later stars and famous muses of fashion designers: Naomi Campbell, Stéphanie Seymour, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford … and of course, the legend Kate Moss.

Peter Lindbergh’s pictures are deeply moving of beauty and their influence on the contemporary photography (and not only for the fashion) is major today.

Peter Lindbergh websitePeter Lindbergh Facebook page

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