International Festival of Fashion Photography in Cannes

One of the most important Festival in Europe and maybe the most important. In my opinion, the most beautiful one! Why?

At first, the place!
Cannes is an exceptional, world-famous city, in particular thanks to its festival of the Cinema. Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea with its mythical Croisette, its gardens of the Roseraie and its famous Palm Beach Casino … co organizing of this event.Photographers are exposed in these mythical places for 2,5 months during the Summer.

The walkers can admire every photo reproduced on posters in high quality. The printing photos on the support is exceptionnal and adds to the Design of the presentation

The Organisation!
Every photographer is selected thanks to a jury constituted by professionals and experts …. artistic managers, advertising agencies managers, fashion and art magazines. The Jury will award three prizes: Fashion photographer Grand Prix, Young talent Grand Prix and Beauty photographer Grand prix.

The Guess VIP
Every year, the exhibition does an homage to a leading expert in Fashion photography …In 2013, it was the great Sacha Van Dorssen!

When you’ve the TALENT to be selected and exposed in these conditions, you aren’t any more really a photographer in the general sense, you’re in the circle of the excellence. Whatever your publications, your covers, your influence, your age … you get up forever to the highest of the pyramid, thanks to your vision, your creativity, your originality, your audacious, your imaginative … you’re with the Angels!

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